Best of...Dining Chairs


I've been spending crazy amounts of time looking at furniture lately so here is a round up of the best dining chairs at the best price points I could find. A good dining chair has to be inviting, comfortable and give some character to your dining space. These could be part of an open and relaxed kitchen/dining area or part of a more formal situation (well, formal in my book. I'm not really into Martha Stewart). Most of all, you should buy a chair that you actually want to use. Your house is not a museum. I think dining rooms are one of the least used rooms of the house. Spread some kids crafts or puzzles on the table. Bring your laptop in there. Replace the old chandelier with a fun modern pendant light. Make it casual and fun so you actually go in there and use the damn thing.

Don't forget you can always mix and match. No need for 6 or 8 of the exact same chair. So if you already have 2 great statement chairs, then compliment that with a more simple, clean design. Or buy the same version of chair with arms for host/hostess ends. Play with it and see what works.


1. Pyramid Side Dining Chair in Black

This is a Charles & Ray Eames knock off. You could get the Herman Miller one from DWR, but this is a little cheat. It's going to be almost identical and what a great price point.

2. Schoolhouse Leather Chair

What a pretty little chair. Love the stitching detail and the form of the seat. Great price and just a good, solid dining chair.

3. Upholstered Turquoise and White Dining Chair

I'm all about some nice contrast and this pattern would bring so much life into a room. 2 chairs for $289! 6 of these around a table would be beautiful.

4. Paris Bistro Dining Chair

The bistro style dining chairs are timeless. They add texture and a nice layering effect because of the woven style. They go bohemian/eclectic to traditional. Just pure and simple.

5. White Bonnie Dining Chair

These could go traditional or contemporary. The contrast of the black on white somehow brings this older design to life in a new way.

6. Gus Modern Thompson Side Chairs

Here you can choose the finish of the leg. Personally, I think the white chair with the oak/natural finish is quite stunning. These would be great for a house full of kids/pets as they are 100% wipeable (vinyl). 

7. Chloe Rattan Stacking Chair

There is something so elegant about this chair. Rattan and metal - mixing two contrasting materials. Rattan just creates such a nice, soft texture and is very functional. Mixed with the metal legs makes it a little industrial.

8. Riviera Side Chair

One more bistro style chair. This one is just too good.

As you can see, I'm not so into overly done dining chairs. You don't want to scream at someone for spilling soup one one. Spend your savings on something else, like a great trip or creating a new fun space in your home for practical use. None of these will break the bank.