High on Design in the Lowcountry


Just coming back from a trip to the Lowcountry. My new term I love to throw around which I think means marshy, beachy coastal areas with Live Oaks and lots of rocking chairs on wrap around porches. Sounds good, right? All I know is people were very friendly and I loved when they said, "Welcome to the Lowcountry," like I was from another planet. I was in Bluffton, South Carolina, which is just outside of Hilton Head Island.

I have been working with this client for over a year to help her and her husband construct their dream home. This was my first time seeing it in living color, rather than the renderings, photos, and floor plans I've been working with for all this time. The purpose of my trip was to start the process of bringing the house to life: layering in the accessories, planning artwork, tweaking, rearranging and generally giving it some love.

Nothing in the design process makes me happier than this stage. Seeing every counter top, paint color, light fixture, sofa, chair, and tile selection all come together to prepare for this last and very vital stage of finishing the home. We still have lots to do, but this is where the house stands now and I can't wait to see the final product. 

Note: These are all simple iPhone pics that I edited at about 6AM this morning on my flight, not exactly a professional photo job. But once this home is complete, art hung and every detail in place, I can't wait to see what a professional can do with actual lighting.

There is way too much to write about every detail, but the common paint colors here are BM Revere Pewter (custom on kitchen cabs and also on walls and some ceilings), BM white dove on most walls, BM rockport gray (custom on kitchen island and some walls), BM texas leather in the den. The ceiling height in this home is 12' in most areas which gives a great scale in the kitchen and built-in bookshelves. Still coming: rugs, artwork, and live plants. 

I also need to note that working with this client has been a complete dream. Some collaborations are meant to happen, or they are more the effort of the universe than people trying to look for opportunities. It seemed to unfold so effortlessly, although it took a lot of long hours. A great project is when your friendship is strengthened in the end and the client gets the best possible outcome because of trust, positivity, and each person playing to their strengths. This is a happy home.