Remember this home that needed some TLC? It's not finished, but coming along. Believe it or not, this is the same space. Amazing when you clear things out and start again, huh?


Our first mission was to repaint the tired white walls (BM Water Drop won).


Window treatments were a big improvement. 

You have to remember how this kitchen started....


Now it's more like...

Next up, rugs and furniture selection (photo bomb again: Abby).



The sofa was on backorder. Carson shows great patience. Finish, we will, Carson.

We scored this PB table and chairs secondhand for a fraction of retail.

And will soon be hanging this pendant overhead.

We had to take everything away in the living room, including window treatments to see the space.

Where we are now is much lighter and brighter.

And the bedroom....

Can't wait to finish. Carson especially. More to come, friends!