Dreaming about a Studio


Lately I've been dreaming about creating my own work space. I have a very cute little office in my house which I love. It has good light and good vibes, however, it happens to be right next to my son's "office."

Don't get me wrong, I love when he colors next to me while I work but it's not exactly productive time. Then I have the dogs barking to go out and right when I let them out, they bark to come in. And when I go to get a glass of water, I see the dishes from breakfast still haven't been done so I stop to do those and as I'm finishing those I open the fridge and see no one has cleaned out the fridge in a week. So basically, I sit down to work and then I'm scrubbing the produce drawers of my fridge with a brillo pad. And this is how it goes.

I do a lot out of my house. I teach yoga and meditation in my basement. I work on design projects. I love having friends over. It's great, but sometimes I need a little separation, so here are the studios I dream about that I WILL create one day. A place that is separate from my home, quiet, less chaotic and more productive energy. Sometimes I do think you need to visualize what you want a share it to make it come to fruition. And then eventually just take the plunge. So here are my favorite design studio spaces.

As I finish up this post, my son is asking for breakfast and my dogs need to go out! Ah, life!