10 Things That Make Me Happy


Here are 10 things that make me really happy. Just because. 


<< 1 >>

This new rug I just ordered from Wayfair to go in front of my bathroom vanity.

It's indoor/outdoor, so will be easy to clean. My bathroom is super modern so it needed something in a totally different direction.


<< 2 >>

My current client. 

Working with her on her home has taught me so much as a designer. Mostly, the power of transformation. Giving attention to your home and creating a space that is reflective of you truly changes everything. She is feeling more inspired in her work. She is inviting people over to her home for impromptu parties. She is spending more time caring for her space. Nurturing your home is nurturing yourself. This project has also taught me who I want to be as a designer. I want to be the one that listens and adjusts, finds a way, pushes forward and enjoys the process. 

<< 3 >>

Adult Coloring Books, as in coloring books for adults.

And they're fantastic. It's like Sudoku for creative people. There are many calming benefits to coloring inside the lines. It's like a meditation. I love to go into zen mode and focus on the patterns and colors. Great thing to do before bed or when you need to chill out. Read about it here. And order some great books here.


<< 4 >>

Yoga and meditation.


At times, the practice is mundane and I lose the inspiration, but I never miss a day. Does it make me happy? It allows me to see my actions, reactions, moods as a choice. It gives me the space between. Am I always happy? Certainly not. But yoga and meditation have allowed me to experience true happiness and joy as I've never known. You know that feeling as a kid when everything is in vivid color and the bottled up excitement is hard to contain? It's that. Overflowing. I can have a bad moment and still see very clearly that this good life I've been given is a gift.

Always 20 minutes of sitting meditation in the morning and some asana practice, even if it's five sun salutations. Here is my latest article for ej on 100 days of meditation.

<< 5 >>

Chai Lattes.

I have been drinking chai lattes for years and I make my own at home. This is how: 

Ingredients: Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate, Milk or milk substitute, water, black tea bag

Turn on tea kettle filled with water. Take a large coffee mug and pour in 1/4 chai tea concentrate and 1/4 milk or milk substitute (so that mug is filled half way). Pour into pan and warm on stovetop to a simmer (froth is you can). Mix the chai/milk with the boiling water in mug and add a black tea bag. Steep for a few minutes. Stir and enjoy.

<< 6 >>

Beauty Counter Nourishing Cleansing Balm. This feels and smells dreamy. It's a balm you can use to cleanse your skin, or keep on your skin for extra moisture. It saves me in winter for dryness but also in summer for after sun. Nothing makes my skin so soft.

To order, click on link and search for "Nourishing Cleansing Balm."


<< 7 >>

Scout, Royal Oak. 

This store is so great and I have no idea why I never knew about it. This little makeup bag is one of many great finds there. They always stock great Mexican blankets, books, home goods, art work, jewelry and candles/incense. I love the curation and attention to detail. The price point is not bad. 



<<  8 >>

Summer Day in Ann Arbor with my family. 

<< 9 >>

Shopping vintage.

I was walking through Target yesterday and thought to myself, we are just making MORE stuff FASTER and with more PLASTIC. I love shopping secondhand because stuff was made better fifty years ago. There's more intrigue. The materials are better. The craftsmanship is real. Nowadays you have to pay big time for real craftsmanship. Everything is mass produced and not original. The lamp you buy at Target has the same parts as any other big box retail store. Everything is becoming so homogenous. Even furniture. The only way out is vintage (unless you're a bjillionaire). And it's good for the environment! (Don't even get me started on how everything is packaged today!)

The Treasure Mart, Ann Arbor

<< 10 >>

Hannah Henderson's Instagram. @hannahmas

Hannah Henderson owns the super boho-chic General Store in Venice Beach. I'm a very visual person and rarely am I mesmerized by every single photo on someone's Instagram. I half wonder if she is followed around wherever she goes with lighting, styling and staging experts but I don't even care. If you love vintage Levi's, vintage anything, 60s vibes, SoCal, or Anthro style home goods, follow her. I promise, it's good.

I think that whatever you're drawn to is a really important part of your story. The things that make you happy, however small they may seem, can end up being big catalysts for your life's passions. What things make you happy?